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We have mounted over 8000 TV's in the Valley. Our best suggestion is to not purchase mounts from large retail stores. In every case there are huge mark-ups and the mounts sold by a wide variety of stores are generally weak. You often pay a lot more money for something you don't need and in many cases I see these mounts upon arrival to a customers house and often these mounts get returned to the stores. Don't waste your time, period whether you are looking for the more expensive mount or just a strong suitable mount that fits your specific TV or TV's. Many times stores will sell slim-profile mounts to customers who don't have LED TV's or thin TV's specifically made for these mounts. The results are cables and wiring being smashed up against the wall as wires protrude from these unsuitable TV's, blocking the mount going flush against the wall. LED TV's that are compatible with ultra-slim mounts will almost always have the plugs for HDMI, power, optical and other cables recessed or on the side. Low-profile mounts don't tilt in most cases and are supposed to be flat on wall like a picture. This also requires in nearly all cases, a recessed electrical outlet. Don't pay someone a bunch of money on huge up-sells for stuff like this that is the norm. We offer things liks this for very reasonable prices. For most TV's, customers purchase our low-profile tilt mount. It isn't as slim as the flat mount and is made to fit Plasma, LCD and LED sets that aren't particularly thin. This is the majority of TV's. This allows tilt down up to 15 degrees and is $40, don't pay more from some retailer jacking up the price. This mount will fit anything from a 37" to and 80". We have done many 80", 75", 65" and other sized sets with this mount and it works great. I see customers paying $100 or more for a mount for sets in this range and for a tilt-mount this just isn't worth the price. Swivel mounts that pull-out and articulate. These mounts can get expensive, but again I find in most cases the more expensive ones are not needed. I have it narrowed down to a handful of mounts that I use to mount LED, Plasma and LCD sets. For 19 inch-32 inch I use a small swivel mount that can extend about 20 inches from the wall. These are fairly close to the wall for a swivel mount which are always higher-profile than flat or tilt mounts. This mount works great for the smaller sets and tilts down also, the are sold for $35. Single-Arm Swivel for larger TV's from 37 inch to 60 inch sets. This is my favorite mount because the price is good and it is a very strong mount that pulls out 2 feet. This gives TV's in this range the most range of motion. Some sets can actually be turned sideways with this mount, and it tucks fairly close into the wall flat. This mount is sold for $70 and fits larger LED TV's like a Samsung, Sharp or Sony LED, for example. Dual Arm mount. When you have a larger set from 37" to 70" usually a Plasma, LCD or heavier LED, this is a great mount. It allows 19" extension and turns side-to-side. It is not a versatile as the single-arm, but supports larger TV's like a 70" Sharp Aquos or 65" Samsung or Panasonic Plasma. This mount is sold for $90, and remember that price drops when you get add'l TV's mounted. Specialty Mounts. We have Sanus, OmniMount and other of the more expensive brands. What you get with them is usually only worth it when you are getting a swivel mount. I really can't think of many reasons or uses for these mounts for flat or tilt-mounts. When your get into the swivel mounts, the more expensive mounts will be easier to move but not necessarily stronger, depending on the mount. If you are moving your TV a lot and have a heavier or larger TV, it certainly doesn't hurt to get one of the more expensive mount, but in a vast majority of the scenario's I see it just isn't necessary. Ceiling mounts. We use these often in commercial settings, outdoors on patio's etc. These can be purchased for $65 for the basic mounts that do what most need, which is adjustable height on the pole and tilt. Whatever your needs are regarding TV mounting, we are the place to call.




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